In other words a wave-shaped distortion precedes the particle-shape distortion as a consequence of this particle propagating through the reality matrix. Although in analogy with the radial “lesser dis I tortions” Kaufman could have illustrated this “pilot”-cell with a distortive content in his book, he did not. I add it here as an implicit complement, with a slight modification. It is noteworthy that David Bohm and De Broglie already suggested “pilot waves” as an explanation for the weird quantum effects of the double-slit experiment, but they did not know what was “waving”.

For some individuals, Close to Fix SAS and its distinction with the first SAS connection point can confound. Tragically, a ton of data accessible on the subject on the web can be excessively specialized and have the effect between a NL-SAS and SAS circle drive excessively confounded for the normal peruser to comprehend.

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